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Full-fledged non-disruptive custom solutions from sensor design to cloud, service and API design and integration.

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Full stack development using both client and server-side reactive and real-time JavaScript frameworks and technologies.

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Deploy serverless architectures and microservices that seamlessly scale with your business on AWS, Firebase or Google Cloud.

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We help companies to introduce IoT technologies in their business processes, focusing on all the aspects of the business transformation from hardware to software design, service integration and cloud deployment using cutting-edge technologies.

Cloud & Big Data

We design and develop modular BaaS and SaaS solutions tailored to our customer's need. Our extensive experience with cloud tecnologies, microservices and serverless architectures makes us the ideal partner for developing and maintaining high-performance and highly scalable cloud platforms.

Real Time Web Interfaces

We develop full-stack software solutions using JavaScript, Node.js and reactive client-side frameworks using an API-first approach. Our non-disruptive API-based approach allows seamless integration with legacy applications and makes our software solutions easily maintanable and upgradable.

Sensors & Remote Monitoring

We design and develop hardware solutions tailored to our customer's need either full custom or based on off-the-shelf low-cost embedded computers. Our sensors are plug & play, support Node.js and can be accessed through APIs allowing real-time remote access and monitoring.

IoT & Mesh Solutions

We design and develop flexible and scalable IoT solutions relying on our multi-protocol gateway that supports COAP, MQTT, Websockets as well as custom protocols. The gateway bridges your local sensor network with a cloud real-time database where data is collected and analyzed using machine learning algorithms.

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  • G. Cornetta
  • Apr 22, 2018
  • DevOps

Mantaining a private npm registry with Verdaccio

If you are developing a JavaScript application that you want to keep private, Verdaccio is a fantastic free alternative to paid options.

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  • G. Cornetta
  • Apr 1, 2018
  • Node.js

Securing Node.js applications from cross-site scripting

This is the second article of my series on Node.js security. I will deal with cross-site scripting (XSS), a very common security flaw in web applications.

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  • G. Cornetta
  • Apr 1, 2018
  • Node.js

Securing Node.js applications from injections attacks

At Anywhere we take security very seriously when designing our apps. This is the first of a series of posts addressing security in Node.js apps.

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